Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion

At long last, now in publication! The book includes 64 separate stories. Mine happens to be number 20. The book was set up like this. I was first asked to write a more or less narrative summary of what life is like with a disability. I began it early in life and concluded in adulthood. The summary ran around 1,000 words in length. About half of my words are preserved in the final draft. Present also is the perspective of my mother, who contributed her own account.

In the book, I represent my faith, Quakerism, and my Monthly Meeting in Washington, DC. A Friend who until recently clerked (led) the committee of which I am a member kindly sent along her remarks. These are also enclosed in the final draft.

The anthology's author, Mark I. Pinsky, was respectful in his questions and skillful in combining different perspectives into a compelling whole. From start to finish, the draft proof I approved took the form of published book in about six months. At a little over five pages in totality, mine is one of the most lengthy in the collection. I'm glad to be a public face of bipolar disorder and I hope it inspires others to seek treatment.

Amazing Gifts: Stories of Faith, Disability, and Inclusion is published by the Alban Institute.

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