Friday, November 11, 2011

19 Years Later

After a fresh set of allegations about an institution that covered up child abuse, what are we to make of Sinead O'Connor? This video begins with a slightly modified rendition of Bob Marley's "War", performed here a capella. Immediately following the song, O'Connor infamously tears up a picture of Pope John Paul II. "Fight the real enemy," she angrily proclaims.

I still see this act as sanctimonious and ineffective, at best. But I do sympathize with the sentiment, however improperly rendered it may be. The decision destroyed her career's forward momentum and was widely viewed as odious and offensive. This was years before the first few allegations about priest abuse began to trickle out and become common knowledge. Would we say that O'Connor has now been vindicated, or that her words still retain their ability to outrage?

War - Sinéad O'CONNOR ( a cappella) on TV in 1992 by Petite-Pince-Sans-Rire

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