Sunday, August 01, 2010

Where I'll Be

In Quaker parlance, a monthly meeting is where one worships on Sunday. A Yearly Meeting, by contrast is a regional gathering of monthly meetings. Usually most Yearly Meetings hold an annual gathering, most often in the summertime.

So it is that I will be attending Baltimore Yearly Meeting's annual gathering. It will be held this year on the campus of Frostburg State University, in the mountains of Western Maryland. I am looking forward to a sense of spiritual renewal, and the fact that temperatures will be fifteen to twenty degrees cooler than DC, even getting down to the low 60's at night, which is unheard of in August.

I was initially scheduled to attend Monday-Wednesday, but transportation arrangements proved problematic, so it seems that I will be there from Tuesday-Thursday now. I'm not sure about the wireless arrangements, but if available, I will make every effort to blog while on site. If money were no option, I'd stay for the entire week, but my scholarship only covered two and a half days. As condition of receiving a cost free trip, I will be obligated to write a brief summary of what I experienced and will be expected to present it at my monthly meeting's Meeting for Business at the first of September. That shouldn't prove problematic at all. I know I'll write a good bit about what I saw, and much of it will end up here.

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