Friday, April 23, 2010

Tell Me Now So I'll Know

The day after I write a particularly inspired post, I usually am left grasping for a suitable topic. Yesterday's column got rescued by Daily Kos and placed on the front page. My diary was the first one referenced, which is a fantastic honor in and of itself because most peoples' attention is drawn to the first item in a list. At this point, I am getting close to having a total of twenty diaries rescued over the past several months, which does phenomenal things to one's exposure as a blogger and sends hit counts through the roof.

I can only attribute all of this to hard work, practice, and, most importantly, a devotion to the Spirit. I know that the Light guides me as I craft each entry, sometimes more than others, because what it produces is perfect and needs no further revision. Words and phrases spring to mind that I know I myself could never have produced. By contrast, what is purely me usually needs to be refined.

On to other subjects. Enjoy the performance video and have a wonderful Friday!

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Gail said...


Great honor, indeed. AND, the song/video??!! A really great 'tango beat' and feel.

Love gail