Sunday, July 06, 2008

Silly Season Concludes, Boring Season Resumes

An exciting five month back and forth between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama kept the attention of this country and the world squarely focused on the Democratic primary and American politics. An unconventional primary season has given way to a very conventional general election. What was billed as a change from the status quo has quickly become staid, perfunctory, and boring.

McCain and Obama both are arguing over traditional fault lines. Op-ed columnist have resumed their studies of minutia that they inevitably resort to when passion subsides and paycheck looms large in its place. The blogosophere, still a vital force, has found itself in a collective state of inadvertent sabbatical. I have found it more difficult than usual to find an adequate topic to pursue and the five paragraphs or so to vamp upon said topic.

Reasons are many for the recent lull. At some point a month or so ago, Americans came to exhaustion point regarding the 2008 Presidential election. One marvels that it hadn't happened sooner. Over a year's worth of blanket coverage and an intense fight between the Democrats was bound to try anyone's stamina. The marathon has subsided and now the cool-down has begun.

Have no fear, readers. In a little while we will rouse ourselves from our exhausted stupor and the intensity level will be back to its previous level. Nothing like the down to the wire final days of an election cycle can produce that. But in the meantime, enjoy the downtime and rest up well. We'll need it for the fall.

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Dusty said...

Is it wrong of me to want the whole fucking thing over NOW?