Saturday, June 06, 2015

Saturday Video

Because I can't seem to locate the lyrics, I'll share a bit about the content. Jale is about as obscure a band as one can find. An all-girl alternative Canadian pop group from Halifax, Nova Scotia, they released two albums in the early to mid 90's and then were never seen or heard from again.

In addition to being practically unknown in their homeland, they were even more unknown in the United States. That said, they are products of the melodic pop of their era, kind of like a Canadian Belly, without Tanya Donnelly's disturbing lyrics. I would have never come across this album had I not lived in indie record stores at the time. Being that both of their albums were released on Sub Pop, it lent their music immediate cred among the underground. Sadly, good reviews do not always lend themselves to sales, and Jale's time in the sun was regrettably minimal.

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