Saturday, November 15, 2008

Question to the Peanut Gallery

At which point does completely out of fashion become retro and thus making a statement?

Or does it depend on who's wearing it and how and when and where?


Life As I Know It Now said...

That is just it--it depends upon a fashionable person wearing it and then it catches on.

But I wear what I want to anymore whether it's in fashion or not, which believe it or not is in fashion :)

Gail said...

Me too liberality. I wear whatever. They call me a 'hippie' at work. I like fringe and bell bottoms, with stripes in the summer. :-) I weave beads in to my long hair too. So fashion is quite individual and I never even think about what the trend is.

Hey Kevin - how are you this beautiful Sunday. I am definitely on the mend. Getting my strength and energy and balance back each day.

I listened to "I'll Be Your Mirror" this morning. "Thank you".


Comrade Kevin said...


I'm doing well. Meeting was very spiritually moving.

I blogged about it today.